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Infant Wash and Shampoo

Wabi Babi Infant Body Wash & Shampoo for Tear-Free (200 ml) | Suitable for Babies Gentle Skin & Soft Hair | 2 in 1 Wash with Natural Ingredients | Moringa Oil & Green Tea Extracts


Wabi Babi presents a 200 ml Baby Body Wash and shampoo, thoughtfully designed to ensure a tear-free bathing experience. Tailored for the delicate skin and soft hair of infants, this 2-in-1 cleansing solution combines the power of nature's elements. Enriched with Moringa Oil and Green Tea Extracts, it offers a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, carefully curated to cater to your baby's needs.

Availability: In Stock
Item Form: Liquid
Skin Type: All
Brand: Wabi Babi
Scent: Floral
Material Feature: Natural
Age Range (Description): Baby
Number of Items: 1
Net Quantity: 200.0 milliliter
Special Feature: Natural Ingredients
Color: Transparent

About this item:

1. Product Highlights: Introducing the Wabi Babi 2-in-1 Baby Body Wash & Shampoo, a versatile solution offering comprehensive cleansing while enveloping your baby in a delicate, pleasant aroma. This mild formula effectively purifies the body and scalp, preserving essential oils for nourished skin. Carefully balanced pH levels ensure protection against irritation for your baby's tender eyes and skin.

2. Usage Directions: Begin by wetting your baby's body and hair with warm water. Apply a small amount of the 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo, generating a gentle lather on your hand or cloth. Gently massage the lather onto your baby's skin and hair, ensuring thorough coverage. Rinse meticulously, ensuring complete removal of the product.

3. Ingredients Insight: Enriched with natural components including Moringa Oil and Green Tea Extracts, the Wabi Babi 2-in-1 Baby Body Wash & Shampoo offers a beneficial blend. Moringa Oil infuses moisturizing properties, preserving your baby's skin's softness and hydration. Meanwhile, Green Tea Extracts contribute antioxidant advantages, imparting a sensation of freshness and rejuvenation to the skin.

4. Nature's Goodness: The formulation of Wabi Babi's 2-in-1 Baby Body Wash & Shampoo is meticulously composed with natural ingredients. By avoiding harsh chemicals, this product ensures a gentle, secure bath experience for your baby. The inherent benefits of Moringa oil and green tea extracts offer nourishment and gentle care for your baby's sensitive skin and hair, maintaining their innate equilibrium.

5. Duration of Viability: Each vessel of Wabi Babi 2-in-1 Baby Body Wash & Shampoo bears a designated shelf life, clearly marked on the label or packaging. Kindly consult the product for precise details concerning the expiration date, guaranteeing optimal potency and efficacy.

Important information:

Safety Information:

Exclusively intended for external application. We strongly advise conducting a patch test before initial product usage.

Product Description:

Crafted with care for new mothers and expectant moms who prioritize optimum care for their well-being and their baby's delicate evolving skin, Wabi Babi delivers premium skincare infused with dermatological knowledge and a rich concentration of naturally sourced elements.

Wabi Babi remains in perpetual motion, pioneering new frontiers in infant skincare. Our commitment extends from bath time indulgence to miniaturization and comprehensive cleansing. Through the creation of four distinct product series, we cater to the unique requirements of your baby's individual skin needs.

Enriches and Hydrates Hair:

The Wabi Babi infant shampoo is infused with organic oils, abundant in vitamins A & and E, and enriched with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that stimulate cell regeneration, culminating in fortified and vibrant hair.

Promotes Hair Development:

Wabi Baby's Organic baby shampoo is infused with pro-vitamin, a moisture-retaining component that enhances elasticity and fosters hair growth. A stark departure from typical shampoos that can render the scalp and hair dehydrated, unruly, fragile, and coarse, this baby shampoo is meticulously formulated to provide hydration while delicately purifying the scalp, leaving your baby with lustrous, supple hair and a pristine scalp.

a) Scalp Nourishment: Infused with the inherent benefits of Green Tea, Amla Extract, and Jojoba Oil, it nurtures the scalp, warding off dandruff and enhancing scalp health.

b) Efficiency with Gentleness: Wabi Babi Baby Shampoo offers invigorating freshness and a calming aroma for your children. Designed to be tear-free, it is suitable for babies across all age ranges.

c) Advantages of Infant Shampoo:The constituents of the shampoo are widely acknowledged for their inherent safety and natural origin.

"Elevate your baby's hair care routine with Wabi Babi's nurturing and gentle baby shampoo, enriched with natures finest for a healthier, happier scalp and hair."

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Ya this baby product is too good my baby enjoying and yes its no damage to my baby skin, it's soft for both hairs ang skin, it's smell nice

Vandana Raina

Very gentle and effective for children, washes off easily without leaving any residue and gives a very nice shine to the hair.


I have used the Wabi Babi 2 in 1 wash for my baby and I've found it to be the most gentle baby wash by far. Just buy it !! A very very happy customer ????


I really liked that this shampoo has a moisturising effect vs a drying effect. I think its ideal for infants and even adults who have dry scalps. You guys are doing a good job, will try other products.

Aditya Mukharji

Loved the baby wash and shampoo….looking forward to sampling more of the range.


Tried the product for the first time. Completely sulphate free, baby safe brand. Much recommend for all the mothers out there


Thankfully no mineral oils in this one. Its a natural product which is great for your babies skin. It's pareben and sulphate free. The product smells great and is so light to use .. I would highly recommend people buy this for their babies.