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Infant Rash Cream

Wabi Babi Baby Diaper Rash Cream (48 gm) | Infant Rash Cream with 15% Zinc Oxide | Treats & Prevents Diaper Rash | Sulphate, Paraben & Silicon Free | Enriched with Shea Butter, Theobroma Cacao Butter


Wabi Babi presents a 48 gm tube of Baby Diaper Rash Cream, specifically crafted for infants. This gentle yet effective rash cream contains a 15% concentration of Zinc Oxide, aimed at both addressing and averting diaper rash concerns. Free from sulfates, parabens, and silicones, this cream is enriched with nourishing Shea Butter and Theobroma Cacao Butter.

Availability: In Stock
Brand: Wabi Babi
Item Form: Cream
Item Weight 48 Grams
Age Range (Description): Baby
Product Benefits: Prevents Diaper Rash

About this Item:

1. Product Highlights: : Presenting a remarkable cream formulated by Wabi Babi, featuring the star component Zinc Oxide (15%). Renowned for its impermeable and protective attributes, it establishes a barrier that safeguards the skin from dampness and irritation, proficiently mitigating and preventing diaper rash. Additionally, the incorporation of Theobroma Cacao Butter augments nourishment and hydration, upholding your infant's skin's tenderness and flexibility.

2. Instructions for Usage: Initiate by ensuring that your little one's diapered region remains clean and dry. Subsequently, gently apply a thin coat of the cream onto the affected area during every diaper change or as required. This practice upholds a safeguarding shield and extends calming solace to your baby's sensitive skin. Take care to prevent any contact of the cream with their eyes.

3. Constituents: The components within the Wabi Babi Baby Diaper Rash Cream are meticulously chosen to assure optimum care for your tiny tot. With a noteworthy 15% content of Zinc Oxide, celebrated for its capacity to forestall and heal diaper rash, this cream shines. The presence of Theobroma Cacao Butter, renowned for its moisturizing attributes, contributes an additional stratum of nurturing to preserve your baby's skin's well-being and ease.

4. Gentle and Non-aggravatingA remarkable facet of Wabi Babi Baby Diaper Rash Cream is its unperfumed formulation, thoughtfully designed for pain alleviation. This mild composition is tender on your baby's delicate skin and caters to all skin types, even the sensitive ones. Rest assured, this cream offers effective safeguarding and respite from diaper rash, thoughtfully omitting any needless discomfort.

5. Duration of Viability: Each container of Wabi Babi Baby Diaper Rash Cream is allocated a distinct shelf existence, conveniently indicated on the packaging. To uphold its novelty and efficacy, kindly refer to the label for precise details regarding expiration.

Important information:

Safety Information:

Intended for external application exclusively. It is advised to perform a small area assessment before the application of the product.

Product Description:

Catering to new mothers and expectant mothers who prioritize optimal care for their well-being and their infant's delicate evolving skin, Wabi Babi offers top-notch skincare infused with dermatological proficiency and a rich abundance of natural components.

Wabi Babi remains committed to progressive enhancement in infant skincare, spanning from cleansing and moisturizing during bathing rituals to overall cleansing routines, achieved by formulating four comprehensive product series tailored to address the distinct requirements of your baby's skin.

1. Baby Rash Shield Cream: A remarkable cream designed to combat diaper rash, skin irritation, and potential infections. This multi-functional formula also serves as a moisturizing agent, effectively thwarting dryness, coarseness, and flakiness of the skin.

2. Accelerates Wound Recovery:Our top-performing cream for diaper rash is expertly crafted using 98% naturally derived components, incorporating our enriching Shea butter renowned for its profound hydration and facilitation of skin cell renewal. This guarantees an expedited recuperation process for the underlying skin once the rash subsides.

3. Nature's Curative Qualities:Components such as extracts from eucalyptus leaves and the nourishing richness of shea butter amalgamate to harness the innate therapeutic attributes of the environment in this formulation. This results in not only remedying problematic regions but also imbuing them with enduring tenderness and hydration, ensuring comprehensive protection.

4. Promoting Well-being, Delighting Infants:This baby rash ointment offers seamless application and effortless removal with a gentle cleansing wipe, contributing to your baby's contentment and skin's vitality. Effortlessly apply a generous layer of the cream over the diaper region before each diaper replacement. It acts as a shield against irritants from fecal matter, particularly in cases where changing the diaper gets inadvertently delayed.

5. A Fortress of Tender Care:Wabi Babi's diaper cream stands steadfast, not dissolving upon application. Once applied to the baby's diaper area - both front and back - it forms a substantial layer that effectively safeguards the fragile skin from potential irritation caused by urine or fecal matter. This reliable diaper cream serves both as a remedy and a preventive measure against rashes. Apply the diaper cream between diaper changes for optimal results.

"Experience the gentle embrace of nature with Wabi Babi's soothing diaper rash solution, delivering tender care for your baby's delicate skin."

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This diaper rash cream is a must buy for diaper rashes. It’s soothing and provides immediate relief to baby. Price point is also very reasonable as compared to other cream in the market in this category. Overall a very high quality product that is pocket friendly. Ten on ten product!

Shivani Bajoria

Extremely effective rash cream. Must try their Massage Oil and Body Wash Shampoo.


Excellent product !!! Very effective on rashes it gives quick relief and lasts for longer


Fast relief excellent product ????


I heard a lot about this rash cream from a few friends .gifted this to my cousin who has a new born , and she called to thank me ..she said it's working wonders ..@highly recommends it ..

n kumar

it always heal the rash quickly , very good consistency and texture.


Very effective for sensetive skin, instant pain relief from rash, starts working instantly and single application lasts for more than 6 hours giving prolonged healing to the rash


We tried this product for the kid and it works well. Helps in not just curing rashes but also avoiding rashes. Wonderful product for babies.


Great rash cream, definitely will buy it again . And value for money. Thanks wabi Babi team

Vandana Raina

This rash cream is the best friend of all new moms. The rash will happen but you don't hv to worry at all if you have this, it gives instant pain relief to the child from the rash and starts working instantly on healing the rashed skin, dries it quick and gives long lasting comfort since it does not dissolve in the diaper moisture

Ramesh (Romey)

this product is very effective and helpful to our child. now no more tension for long hours diapers i am completely satisfied for this product