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Infant Body Lotion

Wabi Babi Baby Body Lotion (194 ml) | Gentle Care for Baby's Soft Skin | Natural Lotion for All Skin Types | Sulphate & Paraben Free | Daily Moisturising Lotion for Delicate Skin


Wabi Babi introduces the Baby Body Lotion in a 194 ml bottle, dedicated to providing tender nourishment for your baby's supple skin. This natural lotion caters to all skin types, embracing a sulfate and parabens-free composition. Offering a daily dose of miniaturization, it serves as a delicate, everyday moisturizing lotion designed to pamper sensitive skin.

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Brand Wabi Babi
Scent Floral
Item Form Lotion
Active Ingredients: chamomile, coconut oil, marula oil, sunflower seed oil, turmeric extract, vitamin e
Net Quantity: 194.0 milliliter
Number of Items: 1
Use for: Body
Skin Type: All
Special Ingredients: Turmeric
Material Type: Free Alkaline Free

Product Description:

1. Attributes:This high-quality lotion is thoughtfully curated with natural components, establishing it as an ideal option for your infant's tender skin. The formulation is meticulously alkaline-free, thus ensuring a gentle and secure application suitable for all skin types, including sensitivities.

2. Application Guidelines: For the utilization of Wabi Babi's Baby Natural Body Lotion, simply administer a generous quantity onto your baby's cleansed and dry skin. Delicately massage the lotion into the skin until complete absorption. Embrace its daily use or as needed to sustain your baby's skin in a state of moisturized protection.

3. Constituents: The meticulously chosen constituents within this body lotion bestow abundant moisture and enrichment to maintain your baby's skin in a velvety and vigorous condition. A water-based blend offers soothing relief, embracing your baby's skin with tranquility. The swift absorption nature of the formulation ensures a seamless and effortless application, leaving no oily residue behind.

4. Alkaline-Free Assurance: The alkaline-free formulation, accompanied by its gentle components, guarantees optimal hydration devoid of any irritation for your precious baby. Extend the affection and nurture they deserve through this premium body lotion.

5. Duration of Viability: Each container of Wabi Babi Baby Natural and Organic Body Lotion is furnished with a distinct shelf life, conveniently marked on the packaging. To safeguard its potency and efficacy, kindly consult the label for precise details concerning the expiration date.

Important information:

Safety Information:

For external applications exclusively. It is advisable to perform a preliminary patch test before the product's application.

Product Description:

Tailored to meet the needs of new mothers and mothers-to-be who seek the utmost quality for both themselves and their baby's delicate evolving skin, Wabi Babi offers premium skincare infused with dermatological proficiency and a substantial infusion of natural elements.

Dedicated to ongoing innovation in infant skincare, Wabi Babi is committed to enhancing every aspect of your baby's skincare regimen, spanning from refreshing bath moments to replenishing miniaturization and thorough cleansing. This commitment is realized through the creation of four comprehensive product series, meticulously formulated to cater to the distinct requirements of your baby's unique skin type.

1. Purely Natural Lotion: Every single ounce of our purely natural lotion derives from unadulterated sources. Void of any unnecessary additives or fillers, we stand by the principle that your precious cherub deserves only the essence of genuine natural goodness.

2. Intensive Hydration & Nurturing: Infused with a nutrient-dense fusion of vital oils, this extract permeates deep into your baby's skin, fostering hydration and nourishment from the core, resulting in a luminous and vibrant complexion.

3. Powered by Nature with Clean & Trusted ComponentsAs parents ourselves, we empathize with the persistent challenge of identifying secure and unadulterated products for your precious babies. Our assortment is meticulously infused with the safest and most authentic botanical components. We aspire to raise awareness among parents, clarifying that the 'natural' and 'organic' labels don't always equate to being automatically safe and beneficial.

4. Effortless & Swift Absorption: Our enriching lotion effortlessly absorbs into the skin, ensuring a seamless experience for your baby without any hindrance. This prevents the lotion from adhering to your baby's clothes or bedding, preventing any inconvenience.

5. Gentle Approach: With your little one's tender skin in mind, we have meticulously formulated this lotion, conscientiously excluding harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES, Parabens, Mineral Oils, and Silicones. Its application is a velvety, weightless caress, devoid of any abrasive sensations.

"Unveil the power of gentle care with Wabi Babi's natural baby skincare, embracing your little one with the purity of nature's goodness."

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Vandana Raina

For working women and school going kids who do not have the time to re-apply lotion multiple times in a day, a single use after shower is more than sufficient for all your skin care needs. Keep the skin hydrated throughout the day and best friend during delhi winters

Amazon Customer

Very happy, absolutely liked the product & we needed such high quality homegrown brands .

Garima Gupta

Even though this is for 0-1 yr olds, it can be used for kids as well. Ultra soft and like a gift considering winters are round the corner. No chemicals so that's a big yes. And the pricing at the moment is super discounted. Love it!!

Ramesh (Romey)

this product is very useful and has great quality i recommend to buy dis product for baby growth and development